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At Rocket Academy, we’re building a community of empowered and highly-skilled talents ready to thrive in the tech space. Our comprehensive Coding Fundamentals and Coding Bootcamp courses are designed to support students every step of the way as they launch their programming careers.

Building portfolio, sharpening technical excellence, and unlocking opportunities — that’s what we do here at Rocket Academy.

Meet our founder, Kai

Hello! I am founder and CEO at Rocket Academy, an online coding bootcamp based in Singapore. I completed my Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science at Stanford University. Prior to Rocket, I was a software engineer at Southeast-Asian student loan startup ErudiFi and American healthcare analytics startup Nuna. While in university I also interned at Facebook and Alibaba Cloud.

I started Rocket Academy because the world lacks software engineering talent, and people that had not studied Computer Science but wish to become software engineers have few good ways to do so. We aim to train large numbers of high-calibre software engineers through our selective and comprehensive courses, to help as many land a tech career they'll enjoy.

From a broader perspective, I want to be an entrepreneur who gives back. Every country needs homegrown MNCs to grow their economy and create opportunities for their people. I hope Rocket Academy can be one such company, and that we inspire others to build even more successful companies for the benefit of Singapore, Southeast Asia and the world.

"Teaching has been incredibly rewarding because of the professional and social impact on students. So far 100% of our Bootcamp graduates applying for jobs have received offers within 6 months of graduating. I look forward to helping more students achieve their potential, and seeing our graduates reach greater heights."

Students, employers & instructors love us

Transform your career, reshape your life. See how our students are elevating their careers by learning to code.

"Joining Rocket's Bootcamp was one of the best decisions and best learning experiences I've had. Although the journey was intense, the camaraderie of my fellow batch mates, instructors and alumni were amazing. The projects and assignments were challenging and I love that we could all do them in different levels (base, comfortable, more comfortable) because we came from very different backgrounds. If you're thinking of doing a career switch, definitely give Rocket's Bootcamp a shot! Life is too short to be stuck in a job you don't like."


Frontend Web Developer

"A great bootcamp with very intelligent software engineers as teachers! The curriculum was well paced, making learning really fun and giving enough time for concepts to sink in. At the end of it, it provided me with the confidence and necessary skills to transition into a career as a developer, and more importantly, I left with the skills to teach myself new languages and the classical CS concepts."

Edward Porter

Software Engineer

"Rocket is THE place for everyone who is learning to code. People learn new skills, grow in their ability to think outside of the box and gather as a community. No matter if instructor, student, alumni or job seeker, Rocket enables everyone to gain something."

Robert Kolsek

Bootcamp Section Leader

"Rocket Academy's courses are well-rounded. They cover many aspects that a student requires to be employable as a software developer, frontend skills such as React, HTML and CSS, backend skills such as Express and NodeJS. In addition, they help students to tackle difficult algorithmic interviewing questions, which are crucial in landing a software developer job these days. Furthermore, I believe what's unique about Rocket Academy is the people and culture. The fun, learning and sharing environment in Rocket makes students and section leaders enjoy their learning and teaching."

Yew Wee

Bootcamp Section Leader

"One of the joys of being an instructor here at Rocket Academy is the immense satisfaction you get when you see a student fully grasp the concept that they were taught. Coding isn't easy and coding while having a full-time job requires a ton of discipline. Rocket Academy's curriculum finds the right balance for curious learners who might want move to tech while still allowing them to juggle their full-time job."

Samuel Huang

Bootcamp Section Leader

"Rocket Academy has a modern, well-rounded curriculum that focuses on technical literacy in frameworks and languages that are widely embraced by tech companies everywhere. There is no better place to hone your coding skills and build your portfolio. I'm incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity to work side by side with such talented, ambitious and dedicated folks! Everyone on the team is willing to go the extra mile to make coding more accessible to aspiring software engineers. "

Min Shan

Bootcamp Section Leader

"Rocket Academy has one of the few well-rounded curriculums that introduces enough of the technological stacks required to survive the Software Engineering world beyond creating and maintaining simple projects that often has over reliance on user facing technologies."

Yap Jun Hao


"Rocket Academy's bootcamp equipped me with the tools and confidence I needed to make a career switch. Its' specialised and well-structured curriculum, dedicated instructors and network of like-minded individuals created an environment which allowed me to thrive and empowered me to start my career as a Software Engineer."

Shannon Suresh

Software Engineer

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We focus on concepts

Our bootcamp curriculum focuses on coding concepts (not languages) that match the changing demands of our students and industry needs. Throughout the program, we cover key topics like frontend and backend frameworks, cloud infrastructure, data structures and algorithms.

"Rocket runs a great bootcamp with very intelligent software engineers as teachers! The curriculum was well paced, making learning really fun and giving enough time for concepts to sink in. At the end of it, it provided me with the confidence and necessary skills to transition into a career as a developer, and more importantly, I left with the skills to teach myself new languages and the classical CS concepts."

Edward Porter
Software Developer, Accredify
Rocket Academy Graduate SIngapore Badges

We optimise your learning time

Our ‘flipped-classroom’ methodology ensures you receive a comprehensive curriculum and access to professional instructors who are ready and excited to answer your questions and guide you further.

"I joined Rocket Academy as a Coding Fundamentals student in 2021 with the intention to explore a possible career path while finishing my last semester in university as a music undergraduate. The flipped-classroom curriculum, which allowed for just enough guided instruction and encouraged independent learning, together with the close-knit community drew me in and I signed up for the part-time bootcamp immediately.

Like anyone else, I had initial doubts and worries about a ‘career-switch’, but I developed confidence through the bootcamp curriculum and advice from instructors with industry experience. I was able to build a strong foundation but also improve on learning new things fast - a skill that I greatly appreciate as a software engineer now. Experience on building projects from ideation to deployment, both individually and as a group, with advice and support from Kai and his team, was also very valuable.

I have taken away much more than I expected from my journey with Rocket Academy - not only technical skills, but also career advice as well as meaningful connections - and will definitely recommend Rocket Academy’s bootcamp to anyone who is keen in becoming a software engineer."

Kimmi Lee
Full Stack Engineer Associate Trainee, Affinidi
Rocket Academy Graduate SIngapore Badges

We get you a job

Stanford-quality interview prep and resume review by experienced software engineers. Plus, our network of alumni and instructors from top companies and schools are committed to helping you succeed.

"Rocket's community was one of the main reasons I took the leap of faith to do my career switch with them instead of other bootcamp providers. The camaraderie and energy levels of my course mates and alumni of the other batches really value-added to my learning and always gave me motivation to achieve more with each project, which ultimately helped me land my current job."

Dominique Yeo
Software Engineer, Spartan Labs
Domminique - Testimonial Rocket Academy Graduate
Rocket Academy Graduate SIngapore Badges

Meet Team Rocket

Transforming careers is a big task and it takes an eclectic group passionate about software engineering. Get to know the people at Rocket Academy who’re helping you to make the career switch of your life.

Kai Yuan Neo
Go team!
Kai Yuan Neo
Founder & CEO

Kai's favourite emoji is 🤩. He enjoys writing code and loves helping others succeed. Outside of work, he enjoys a nice cup of tea with friends!

Head of Operations

Foong is an introvert who won’t shut up. Having done bootcamp, he loves sharing his journey with students, and hopes to bring them through it too!

To infinity...
Head of Marketing

Jillian spends most of her free time watching copious amounts of TikTok and animation films. Send her dog pics, it'll help her get over learning to code for the first time in her life!

Nuggets is life
Head of Basics

Bryan's the hermit who will always choose to stay home but prioritizes people despite being uncomfortable in The Great Outdoors. He loves deconstsructing concepts and buildings things back up - coding perfectly fits this impulse.

Code is art
Head of Bootcamp

Sam believes that coding is like cooking, look at documentation and create a new app yourself! Be it an application or a script, Sam O is always ready to help out a coder in need.

Meet Lexi!
Operations Manager

Stacia is a busy bee that likes to keep herself busy with all sorts of things! Have anything interesting to reccomend? Hit her up! That's how Rocket convinced her to join and learn how to code with ZERO background!

...and beyond!
Software Engineer

Sam enjoys building stuff and learning new things in the process. She spends weekends with her daughter (read: dog-ter) and loved ones, and feels her best when she's surrounded by nature.

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火箭学院创办人梁凯源: 编程像写文章要有清晰的逻辑

火箭学院创办人梁凯源: 编程像写文章要有清晰的逻辑

Rocket Academy's Kai Yuan shares what it takes to be a good software engineer and why he decided to set up a coding bootcamp in Singapore.
Lianhe Zaobao
Startup Story: Rocket Academy, an online coding bootcamp

Startup Story: Rocket Academy, an online coding bootcamp

Thus far, all Coding Bootcamp course graduates have gotten jobs as software engineers.

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