Capstone Project: Task Hangin

Task Hangin is a task allocation and management application for anyone that wants to get tasks done for them. This is especially useful if the tasks on your to-do list have been there for a while and procrastination has gotten the better of you.

Last updated
January 6, 2023

A Task App to Get Things Done

Users can request for tasks to be done on their behalf or choose to complete other users’ tasks.  If a user takes up a listed task, they are obligated to execute it within the stated date and time, failing which they will be penalised. In other words, the app uses a carrot and stick approach to motivate users to follow through with their commitment.

App features

In the 'Profile section', users add their name, email, password, bio, payment method (credit card details), postal code and profile picture.

Users then add a task description along with a expected date and time of completion. They select a task tag from a dropdown list that includes chores, studies, exercise, finance, creativity and health and wellness. They can set up a financial penalty and add a corresponding amount in dollars, along with a description for the chosen penalty/rewards. Users can also forgo the penalty option, which means the person who takes up the task does not get penalised even if they do not complete it.

Users can request partners for assistance on a task as well. This is a great way to ensure accountability on the task. It is also possible for users to add an accountability partner from a list of people living near them.

Under the 'Partner Status' tab, users can see if their request to onboard a partner on the task has been accepted or rejected by said individual. Under the 'Requests' tab, users can view active and pending requests.

A chat feature allows potential partners to chat with one another. Clicking on the chat icon takes users to a chat screen to start a conversation.

Users can easily keep a tab on the tasks being done solo or with an accountability partner, under 'Ongoing Tasks'. If a task hasn't been marked as done and received approval from both partners in case it was jointly done, it will appear under 'Expired Tasks'. Here, the user can click the penalty button to close the task and choose the payment method to “pay for” their financial penalty (if any). The app will query the Stripe API to derive payment options - VISA, Mastercard and American Express. Once payment is received, the task will be removed from the Home page.

Under 'Pending Acknowledgement for Completion', users can view tasks that are yet to be accepted. Users have full visibility into requests, task status and partner responses.

The prototype used the Mern Stack (Node.js, Express.js, React and MongoDB) and Stripe API. Envisioned enhancements include a location based partner finder matching people within a specific radius, video conferencing and more payment options.

Why Task Hangin?

The idea for Task Hangin came up as a means  to solve the common problem of keeping track of to-do tasks. The app makes it easy for people to stay on top of their small goals.

To-do apps tend to add so much functionality that they become complicated for users. Task Hangin has a few well-executed features. For example, users can check task status as and when they wish using the chat feature. They can directly ask partners for task status updates and keep their nose to the grind. Task Hangin also has a simple and intuitive interface.

What we love about it

Task Hangin is an interesting concept for a common problem. Its use case extends beyond completing household chores and personal tasks to managing remote work teams.

Plus,  having an accountability partner helps us maintain progress on a task, with a social element added to it. As a built-in feature, it supports users, pushing them towards the carrot rather than the stick!

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