How do I know if I'm being paid enough as a Software Engineer?

How do you know if your salary offered is reasonable? It’s no secret that careers in Software Engineering are lucrative, but how do you know if you’re being compensated fairly as a Software Engineer?‍

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January 6, 2023

Let’s imagine a scenario where you’ve completed your bootcamp right here at Rocket Academy and now have a unique project portfolio that you’re proud of, how should you navigate through this industry effectively with your new skillset?

As a Software Engineer, a common pain point that you might experience now or in the future is the lack of transparency when it comes to compensation. Can you imagine going through several rounds of interviews and tests just to be lowballed when it comes to the job offer? If only you had known of the company’s average salary before wasting your time going for those pointless interviews.

This is a common problem within the tech industry and here are some steps to take to make sure that you’re being well-compensated!

1. First, ensure that you’re a competent coder

In other words, make sure that you prove your worth. Always find ways to improve on your coding skills and take some time to learn problem-solving skills and how to work well with others. You won’t be surprised to find out that most of the good coders are great communicators as well. 

Having a strong foundation in coding concepts and grasp of programming languages give you the ability to pursue projects of your interest. Having a repository of Github projects showcases your passion for software engineering and allows you to level up your coding skills at the same time. 

Once you’re ready to job hunt and embark on your journey as a professional software engineer, the next step is to... 

2. Do a thorough research on the industry before making your decision 

Do your research online and try your best to find out more about the industry before applying for jobs! Having knowledge about the industry will be beneficial to you especially during job interviews.

From front-end to back-end engineering, what does each role entail? Resources and mentorship vary greatly from startups to large tech companies, read up on the pros and cons of each position to find out which culture best suits your needs and skill sets. 

Learn more from the experienced engineers by listening to podcasts and joining relevant online tech communities on Reddit or to deep dive into the world of tech and gain an insider’s view of the industry. 

3. Level-up by utilizing platforms to give you an edge over others

For instance, NodeFlair is a platform which aims to help people in the tech industry make smarter career decisions. NodeFlair Salaries was created to give more transparency to tech salaries within the industry. Verified user data is used to help give you reliable information on how much companies are paying its employees.

For starters, check out the image below to find out if you’re currently being compensated fairly.

With verified salary data at your fingertips, you now know what to expect even before going for an interview with a prospective company. However, make sure that you use this knowledge as an added advantage when negotiating, and not as a weapon to threaten your current company for higher pay.

By the way, you can be part of the solution by contributing your salary today. Click here to make a difference. Rest assured, all submitted data will be kept strictly anonymous. 

With this guide, becoming a software engineer is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Whether you are a mid-career switcher or just looking for greener pastures, having a clear roadmap helps you to reach your goal more effectively.

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