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Eligibility Criteria

  • Hong Kong citizens and residents with valid HKID

  • Able to commit to either our (i) 4-month full-time or (ii)8-month part-time Coding Bootcamp

  • Has a strong intention to switch careers to become a software engineer or build their own tech start-up

  • No previous formal education in computer science/engineering

  • No previous work experience as a software engineer

  • Basic proficiency in coding preferred but not necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Code for Tomorrow Scholarship?

The Code for Tomorrow Scholarship will select up to 8 candidates who will receive a 70% scholarship (worth HKD 28,000) to enroll in Rocket Academy's Coding Bootcamp.

Make the biggest switch of your career and become a full-stack software engineer. Bootcamp is our flagship 4-month full-time career conversion course. Focusing on coding concepts, Bootcamp has 4 modules: frontend, backend, full-stack, and algorithms.

Beyond technical excellence, Bootcamp gets you job-ready with unlimited interview prep and high-value networking with experienced software engineers, alumni, and instructors.

Landing a job in software engineering starts here!

Who is eligible for the code for tomorrow scholarship?
  • Hong Kong citizens and residents with valid HKID
  • With a strong intention to switch careers to become a software engineer or build their own tech start-up
  • Able to commit fully to our 4-month (full-time) or 8-month (part-time) software engineering course
  • No previous formal education in computer science/engineering
  • No previous work experience as a software engineer
  • Having a basic level of coding proficiency is preferred (eg. graduated from Rocket's Fundamentals course)
Do I need to have any background in coding before applying for the scholarship?

All successful applicants will have to complete Rocket's Fundamentals course first, as it will provide you the training and background needed to prepare you for the rigour in Bootcamp.

If you have some background in coding, you may be exempted from the Fundamentals course. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by our Admissions Team.

How do I apply for the scholarship?

If you meet the eligibility criteria listed above, please sign up for our Bootcamp via this application link: https://rocketacademy.typeform.com/HKScholarship

We will reach out to you to arrange for an online interview and admission screening test. Once you are ready to be enrolled, we will send you an invoice for 30% of our Bootcamp course fees (HKD$12,000).

If you have more specific questions related to this, please reach out to us at hello@rocketacademy.co

How much of the Bootcamp course fees does the scholarship cover?

70% of our Bootcamp course fees will be subsidized. If awarded, you will need to pay HKD$12,000.

If the full conditions of the scholarship programme is not met or adhered to by the applicant, Rocket reserves the right to remove them from the course or charge the applicant for any remaining course fees.

When does the Coding Bootcamp start for those under the scholarship program?

If you are interested in our Code for Tomorrow Scholarship, you may apply for any of our upcoming Coding Bootcamp cohorts.

Click here to find out more about our Coding Bootcamp course and our course dates.

When is the closing date for applications?

It depends on the cohort which you would like to apply to join and how much coding experience you already have!

Write in to us at hello@rocketacademy.co if you're unsure!

"Rocket was a great place to start - providing mentorship and guidance and also extending support with the daunting job search process. Most importantly, working through a demanding learning process with peers and supportive mentors was extremely encouraging. This gave me the confidence to do a career switch into a full-fledged software engineer."

Grace Koh, Alumni of 2022

Software Engineer at Luwjistik

Why join our Bootcamp?

Gain skills, build network, and transform your career. Bootcamp is our flagship career course. A 4-month full-time or 8-month part-time vocational course, our Bootcamp is primarily taught in JavaScript.

Expert-designed curriculum, unique project portfolio development and full career support. Our program is designed to get you job-ready for a future in software engineering.

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