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About This Course

Skill level: Beginner
Time to complete: 4 weeks
Prerequisites: None

Don’t know which specific programming language to pick up? This course is designed just for you. At the end of this course, you’ll have clarity on how to steer your career in the right direction.


Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript

Understand key concepts related to computing

Understand key principles of coding

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Learning Outcomes & Syllabus

Think Like A Programmer

Before you dive into learning a specific programming language, you’ll need to have foundational knowledge in programming. Knowing how to problem solve will help you adapt with rapid developments in the tech industry.

Understand Key Terms and Coding Jargon

Confused by jargon? Not to worry. We’ll fill you in on key terms that are commonly thrown around in the tech space. So let your guard down and relax – you’ll be familiar with tech jargon in no time.

Learn About JavaScript

JavaScript is the foundation of all programming languages and the core focus of our courses. Build a strong foundation with our course to kickstart your journey in tech.

We have a top-tier team that constantly updates the curriculum!

Discover the Different Roles in Tech

Not sure which roles are suitable for you in tech? This free coding course will help to give you some clarity on how you can carve out a career that is right for you.

Learning how to code, at your own pace at your own time

For 4 weeks, take a sneak peek into our popular Coding Fundamentals course for free.

Learn the fundamentals of Javascript at your own pace with Rocket Academy's self-guided curriculum -- completely online.

Learn the fundamentals of Javascript at your own pace with Rocket Academy's self-guided curriculum.

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Lay the foundations for your move into a career in tech.

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"The videos were easy to follow along and the practices were useful in helping us apply what we have learnt - you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment when things work out."
Zoe Testimonial

Zoe Chai

Coding Fundamentals, Batch 17

Why Rocket Academy?

As Singapore’s leading Programming Course, we allow you to gain skills, build network, and transform your career. Coding Bootcamp is our flagship career course, primarily taught in JavaScript and designed to help you pivot your career into tech.

Expert-designed curriculum, unique project portfolio development and full career support. With a 100% success rate in job placements, our programming courses were entirely designed to get you job-ready for a future in software engineering.


Dive Deeper With Our Instructor Led Courses


Acquire industry-standard skills

The tech field is constantly changing. That’s why we keep our courses relevant to industry demands.

Career guidance to get hired

Unlimited coding interview prep, portfolio guidance, and resume reviews by experienced software engineers. Learn the ins and outs from those who have been there.

Get professional mentorship

Regular AMA sessions and meetups with experienced software engineers. Build your network, gain insider tips, and engage with your future colleagues.

Learn concepts to pick up any kind of programming language

It’s not just about picking up a programming language – it’s the foundational concepts that give you the skills to be versatile. Our JavaScript-focused courses will give you the basics to learn how to write your own code and easily learn new coding languages.

Create a portfolio that stands out

No one wants the run-off-the-mill portfolio. At Rocket, we make it a point to develop portfolios that make you stand out. With unique projects put together with 1:1 feedback, create a portfolio with real-world skills on display.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is coding?

Coding allows developers to give computers instructions on what actions to take. This skill can be applied to different forms of software development. This is sometimes called computer programming.

What kind of jobs can coding get me?

Coding skills can land you jobs in various fields: Web development, app development, data processing are some areas you can look into.

What is a good first coding language?

A good first coding language is JavaScript. It will give you the right foundation to understand how to think programmatically. Through having firm fundamental knowledge, you can easily master new languages.

How do beginners start coding?

Beginners can start coding through lots of free resources online. Stay curious to figure out if this is an industry you want to step into. If you’re searching for risk-free guided learning, this free Fundamentals Lite course would be perfect for you!

Is coding hard to learn?

It’s entirely possible to learn coding even if you don’t have a background in computer science! While the learning pace of each student may differ, we believe that anyone can pick up coding with enough perseverance and guidance.

Is completing Fundamentals Lite enough for enrolling in Bootcamp?

No, Fundamentals Lite is a free, self-guided course that only covers the basics to coding. It is not as comprehensive or as robust as our Coding Fundamentals course which is our official pre-requisite to enrolling for our Coding Bootcamp.

If you are committed to joining our Coding Bootcamp, we advice that you sign up directly for our Coding Fundamentals course.

Is there any certification offered upon completion of the course?

Currently, we do not offer a certification for the completion of Fundamentals Lite. As the course primarily focuses on introducing beginners to coding concepts, there is no review component or formal certification provided. However, you will gain valuable knowledge and practical skills that can be applied to further learning. If you'd like to obtain a certificate, do enroll in our paid Coding Fundamentals course instead.

What are the 4 types of coding?

Coding languages are broadly categorised into these for styles: imperative, functional, logical and object oriented. Learning how to think and problem solve in these four areas will help you pick up different types of programming languages easily.

Can I learn to code with no experience?

Definitely! Our courses are tailored to tech enthusiasts of all levels. If you’re a beginner, we encourage you to take up Fundamentals Lite or Coding Fundamentals. Once you’re more familiar with coding, you can enroll in our Coding Bootcamp to build a portfolio that stands out and gets you hired.

How do I know which course is for me?

Have some experience in programming but not sure which course is most suitable? Take our quiz here and find out how you can kickstart your journey into the tech space.

Which coding language to learn first?

We always recommend having a strong foundation in JavaScript before learning other programming languages. With a firm grasp in JavaScript, picking up other programming languages will come more naturally. 

How long will it take me to complete the course?

The course duration can vary depending on your learning pace and the time you dedicate to studying. On average, learners complete this course in approximately 30 to 40 hours. However, you can learn at your own speed and revisit any topics as needed.


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