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Supercharge Your Marketing With AI

Beginner Friendly
Led By

Stephanie Phua

Creative Director & Founder of Duo Studio

Through step-by-step guidance, you'll learn how to seamlessly integrate AI into your strategy and achieve remarkable results. Prepare to immerse yourself in interactive sessions where you'll gain hands-on experience with AI tools, mastering the art of commanding them to work in your favor.

Intro to Python for Data Science

Beginner Friendly
Data Science & Analytics
Led By

Admond Lee

Data Scientist, Co-founder & CTO of Staq

By the end of this course, you will possess a solid foundation in Python programming. Whether you aspire to automate tasks, analyse data, or develop captivating visualisations in the future, this course equips you with the skills to make it happen.

Master the Fundamentals of Programming

6 weeks
Beginner Friendly
Led By

Zephaniah Ong

Rocket Bootcamp Alumni

Pseudocode, boolean and loops with arrays — are you getting lost in the jargon?Whether you are thinking of a career switch, or simply want to upskill in latest developments (like machine learning and artificial intelligence), Fundamentals is just for you.

Software Engineering Coding Bootcamp

4-8 months
Pre-requisites Apply
Eligible for SkillsFuture Credit
Led By

Sam O' Shaughnessy

Head of Bootcamp, Rocket Academy

Bootcamp is our flagship 4-month full-time or 8-month part-time career conversion program.

Here, you’ll cover 4 main modules: frontend, backend, full-stack, and algorithms.

Our expert-designed curriculum will help you build a unique project portfolio, enjoy full career support, and get you job-ready for the digital future!

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"A great bootcamp with very intelligent software engineers as teachers! The curriculum was well paced, making learning really fun and giving enough time for concepts to sink in. At the end of it, it provided me with the confidence and necessary skills to transition into a career as a developer, and more importantly, I left with the skills to teach myself new languages and the classical CS concepts."

Edward Porter

Software Engineer

"Joining Rocket's Bootcamp was one of the best decisions and best learning experiences I've had. Although the journey was intense, the camaraderie of my fellow batch mates, instructors and alumni were amazing. The projects and assignments were challenging and I love that we could all do them in different levels (base, comfortable, more comfortable) because we came from very different backgrounds. If you're thinking of doing a career switch, definitely give Rocket's Bootcamp a shot! Life is too short to be stuck in a job you don't like."


Frontend Web Developer

"Rocket Academy's bootcamp equipped me with the tools and confidence I needed to make a career switch. Its' specialised and well-structured curriculum, dedicated instructors and network of like-minded individuals created an environment which allowed me to thrive and empowered me to start my career as a Software Engineer."

Shannon Suresh

Software Engineer

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We’ve Got the A’s to your Q’s

Still got some questions? Understandably so. Here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Can I join Rocket’s courses while working a full-time job?

i. Coding Bootcamp has both full-time and part-time options.

ii. Full-Time Coding Bootcamp requires students to commit 10am-6pm SGT Mon-Fri for 4 months. We discourage working a full-time job while enrolled in the full-time Coding Bootcamp.

iii. Part-Time Coding Bootcamp requires students to commit 7.30-9.30pm SGT Tuesday evenings, and 10am-12pm SGT Saturday mornings, with roughly 20 hours of work per week for 8 months.

How many classes can I miss?

i. Classes are mandatory, live Zoom meetings where we review and solidify concepts through discussion and exercises.

ii. There is no strict attendance requirement for Rocket’s coding courses, but students who are not performing will be removed from their course.

iii. If you need to miss class for any reason, please let your instructor know ahead of time.

I’m bad at math. Can I be a software engineer?

i. Math is not a pre-requisite for coding but logical thinking is.

ii. We believe anyone can coding given sufficient time and determination.

iii. If you’re unsure whether coding is for you, try Coding Fundamentals first!

I’ve tried coding but find it difficult. Can I still be a software engineer?

i. It is normal to find coding challenging - this is common among all software engineers. If you’re wondering whether you’re struggling more than normal, try Coding Fundamentals first.

ii. Rocket Academy provides on-demand support to students over group chat. We ask students to ask for help if they’re stuck for longer than 15 minutes, such that they do not spend too much time on relatively straightforward problems.

iii. Rocket Academy fosters a tight-knit community of learners that help each other. You will always have peers working through the same material that you can work together with and get help from. With time, you will learn.

Do I need a Computer Science degree or diploma to be a software engineer?

i. Over 95% of Rocket Academy’s graduates did not have CS degrees or diplomas prior to Rocket, and 100% of Bootcamp graduates actively applying for jobs have received software engineering offers within 6 months of graduation.

ii. Rocket Academy has had successful graduates from unrelated fields like cooking and horse racing.

iii. Coding bootcamps exist because universities are unable to produce enough engineers. Companies will hire great engineers, regardless of professional qualifications.

I can code but struggle to get a job. Should I still join Rocket Academy?

i. If you already code but need help getting a software job, chat with us and we can advise whether self-studying or joining a course is appropriate.

ii. If you already have some prior experience/knowledge in coding and would like to join Rocket's Coding Bootcamp program, we may waive the Coding Fundamentals requirement - reach out to us at hello@rocketacademy.co to find out more!

iii. Many of our most successful graduates have had prior coding experience before joining Rocket. Our Coding Bootcamp then provided them with the conceptual foundations, interview prep, and professional network they needed to complete their career switch.

What is the difference between software engineering, programming, and coding?

There is no practical difference. Software engineering is a professional term describing strong proficiency in following a systematic process of understanding requirements, working effectively with stakeholders, and developing a solution that fulfils their needs.

What is the difference between software engineering, data science, and data analytics?

i. Software engineers build apps and the underlying “pipes” for data to flow through. There are many parts of software to work on, hence the greater demand for software roles than data roles.

ii. Data scientists build statistical models to improve products, for example to make spam classifications, product recommendations, or match drivers and riders. Data scientists typically do the math, and software engineers build the product.

iii. Data analysts derive business insights through querying data and generating reports. This is typically a less skill-intensive job that more people can do, hence there is a comparatively lower average compensation and job security than software engineer and data scientist roles.

What are the differences between your coding courses?
How much do Rocket Academy's courses cost?

i. Coding Fundamentals is currently S$199 for all interested students. If you apply early, you will also be eligible for early bird discounts. Terms & conditions apply.

ii. We accept payment via credit card, or if you are based in Singapore, PayNow. We also offer a 3-month installment plan via Atome for Singapore-based credit card users only.

iii. Payment is required prior to the start of the coding course to secure your spot in the program.

Does Rocket offer in-person classes?

i. Rocket has no physical campus and conducts classes over Zoom and Slack. This helps reduce course fees and commute time, while still achieving the best coding bootcamp outcomes.

ii. Students code together daily over video call and group chat. There are at most 10 students per instructor, enabling interactive classes where students ask questions and get feedback.

What (coding languages) will I learn in Coding Fundamentals?

i. Rocket’s courses focus on teaching coding concepts, not languages. This is because coding concepts are applicable to all languages, but language syntax may only be relevant to that specific language.

ii. Rocket teaches Coding Fundamentals in JavaScript, currently the world’s most popular language. Coding concepts taught in Fundamentals are relevant to almost all programming languages used today.

Will Coding Fundamentals teach me how to make a website?

Coding Fundamentals teaches basic coding syntax, tools, and computational thinking, not web development. Rocket accepts Fundamentals students who perform well into our Coding Bootcamp where we dive deeper into web and general application development.

Will Coding Fundamentals teach me to code in React or Redux?

i. Coding Fundamentals teaches basic coding syntax, tools, and computational thinking, and not advanced frameworks such as React or Redux.

ii. The concepts we learn in Fundamentals will give students the foundation to better harness frameworks such as React or Redux during Coding Bootcamp.

What languages will I learn in Coding Bootcamp?

i. Rocket’s courses focus on teaching coding concepts, not languages. This is because coding concepts are applicable to all languages, but language syntax may only be relevant to that specific language.

ii. More important than languages, Bootcamp concepts will be applicable to almost all languages, frameworks, and apps.

What career support does Rocket provide for Bootcamp graduates?

i. Regular student-only Q&A sessions with software engineers from industry to answer student questions and build students’ professional networks.

ii. Comprehensive and robust algorithms interview prep.

iii. Comprehensive and robust resume and portfolio review.

iv. Comprehensive and unlimited referrals to companies in Rocket Academy’s network (almost all companies). Rocket Academy only accepts high-performing Coding Fundamentals students to Coding Bootcamp, and companies trust that Rocket attracts and produces top talent.

How big are your classes?
  • For our Coding Bootcamp course, you will be in a group of not more than 10 pax. Each group will have its own dedicated instructor.
  • For our Coding Fundamentals course, you will be in a group of not more than 14 pax. Each group will have its own dedicated instructor.
Why choose Rocket's courses over other coding bootcamps?

i. Rocket offers a more comprehensive Coding Bootcamp course, covering app development and algorithms, with full time (4 months) and part time (8 months) options.

ii. We have a high-calibre alumni network, driven by selective admissions that screens upfront for coding aptitude and communication skills.

iii. Employers want our students! Rocket has seen an abundance of tech company hiring partners that trust our selection process and quality of education - as attested to by our depth and breath of hiring partners such as Carousell, Xendit, Advance.AI, StashAway, Payfazz, Unit21 and Kargo.

Why choose Rocket over university or polytechnic courses?

i. Rocket is project-based, not exam-based. You will graduate with a standout portfolio.

ii. Rocket offers unlimited interview prep and referrals to tech companies, often overlooked by academic programmes.

iii. Rocket is led by software engineers from top schools and companies such as Stanford and Facebook that have strong reputations to the tech industry.

Why choose Rocket over self-learning?

i. Rocket provides a structured and guided path to getting a coding job in a fixed amount of time.

ii. Rocket exposes you to software engineers in industry on a regular basis to grow your network.

iii. Rocket provides a powerful network of peers and alumni that you can draw on for your future career.

Why choose Rocket’s Coding Fundamentals course?

i. Coding Fundamentals is a pathway course, enabling top graduates to enrol in Rocket’s Coding Bootcamp should they wish to switch careers or learn professional coding.

ii. Coding Fundamentals has been taken and recommended by students from top tech companies such as Facebook, Stripe, Grab, Shopee, Rakuten, Ninja Van, McKinsey, and more.

Why choose Rocket's Bootcamp course?

i. Rocket’s past students have received offers from companies such as Grab, Ninja Van, Zendesk, GovTech, Circles.Life, StashAway, 99.co, Xfers and Gotrade.

ii. Rocket’s Coding Bootcamp comprehensively covers topics in frontend, backend, cloud, and algorithms that other coding bootcamps typically skim over, resulting in a more standout portfolio.

iii. Rocket’s Coding Bootcamp only accepts top students, guaranteeing a strong network of classmates and alumni.

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