Capstone Project: Keep

Keep is a mobile healthcare application that stores all medical administrative details on patients. Caregivers can view the information to stay in the loop on patients' medical appointments, hospitals, medications, and care plans in one place.

 Capstone Project: Keep
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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Keep makes coordinating caregiving among family members easy and smooth

Family caregivers often have other family members pitching in to provide care to aging loved ones or those living with chronic diseases. Keeping all caregivers involved and informed, sharing patient status, and building trust can be mentally demanding. If only everyone could coordinate care seamlessly and stay on top of the important information to know about their loved ones.

Why Keep?

Think you're doing okay managing caregiving using the apps and calendars on your phone? You can do better with Keep. Take a long term view of your caregiving situation. Do you or a family member picture caring for more patients down the line? Have your relatives expressed interest in becoming chaperones? Will you be moving out of the country and need to hand over primary caregiver duties to someone else? In all these situations, a central 'repository' of patient data will come in handy, and Keep is perfect to meet this need.

Purpose of Keep

Simplifying collective caregiving

Many families opt to keep caregiving within the extended family to share the responsibility and make it more manageable for everyone involved. Collective caregiving is also a way of strengthening connections between patients and family members.

However, it isn't without its coordination challenges, which phone calls, calendar apps or regular messaging apps cannot solve. In fact, introducing more tools can add to the complexity of coordinating caregiving among family members. As a single place to manage all aspects of caregiving, with the option to share relevant communications on Telegram with family members who aren't caregivers, Keep allows you to stay in control, always.

Preparing for the future

Keep is also intended for communities in which members come together to care for one another. The number of seniors in Singapore is expected to double by 2030. By then, one in four Singaporeans will be over the age of 65.

As the country moves to respond to the needs of its aging population, individual communities and families will also find themselves devising ways to support their senior loved ones. Digital solutions will play an important role in enabling caregiving. Future solutions will integrate what currently exist as standalone features, such as medication or appointment reminders into one app. Keep is a prototype of the healthcare apps to come.

What we love about Keep

Keep has all the features you need to become a better informed caregiver to your loved ones and fully realize the benefits of collective caregiving. Here's a brief showcase of the key features of the app that simplifies caregiving:

  • A calendar of appointment reminders mentioning appointment date, hospital and department, chaperone, and a brief health update/doctor's note. Filtering and full list views allow you to perform quick searches.
  • Medication information and reminders to know what medicines your loved ones are taking, including dosage and frequency.
  • Information related to a new patient. You can add a new patient, see their appointments, memos, medications, and visit details. Add a new medication prescribed by the doctor, mention prescription quantity and set a refill reminder. You can also set up a medication reminder on Telegram to keep everyone in the loop.
  • As more family members step into the role of caregivers, you can create new accounts for them. Once they download Keep and request to be added, you can review their request and add them to the app.
  • A live chat room within the app and the ability to move conversations on Telegram create dedicated spaces for conversations related exclusively to caregiving. No more frantic or endless scrolling through WhatsApp conversations for the important update on grandma that your mum sent last week.

A great app is user-friendly. Keep is no different and keeps everything intuitive and easy to understand for even the less technical users in your family. Its tech stack has been chosen keeping responsiveness in mind. The pages load instantly and you can get to where you want without the screen freezing or having to wait a few moments.

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