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A Complete Guide for Software Engineer Salary in Singapore

Whether you are here to start learning about the Software Engineering role, or if you want to know how lucrative it is in the dynamic field - you have come to the right place.

Written by
Kai Yuan Neo
Last updated
August 18, 2023
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A Complete Guide for Software Engineer Salary in Singapore

A Complete Guide for Software Engineer Salary in Singapore

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In the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of technology, software engineers play a crucial role in shaping the digital landscape. As Singapore continues to establish itself as a tech hub in the Asia-Pacific region, understanding the nuances of software engineer salaries becomes paramount for professionals in the field. 

This guide aims to provide a comprehensive general overview of Singapore's average software engineer salary levels, covering different experience levels and exploring notable tech companies in the region. The average total compensation (including bonuses) may also be higher depending on the competency level required for the role and high demand. 

Our figures from NodeFlair Salaries may be influenced by various factors such as individual experience, location, and company policies, making them indicative rather than definitive benchmarks for salary expectations.

Base Salary for Software Engineers in Singapore

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Intern Software Engineer

Entry-level positions for interns are the starting point for many aspiring software engineers. Interns typically earn a modest salary as they gain hands-on experience and contribute to real-world projects. The average salary of intern-level software engineers is estimated to be S$1,550 per month. 

Junior Software Engineer

Junior software engineers, with a year or two of experience, receive a higher base salary compared to interns. Junior engineers are expected to be more involved in project development and demonstrate a growing proficiency in coding and problem-solving. An entry-level software engineer earns approximately S$4,500 per month on average. 

Mid-Level Software Engineer

Mid-level software engineers, with several years of experience, take on more responsibilities and complexities in their roles. Their salary reflects their increased expertise and ability to contribute to larger projects. The average salary for a mid-level software development engineer is around S$6,250 monthly. 

Senior Software Engineer

Senior software engineers are seasoned professionals who have mastered their craft. The base pay for senior engineers is significantly higher, reflecting their in-depth knowledge, leadership capabilities, and ability to guide and mentor junior team members. The salary of a senior software engineer in Singapore is estimatedly S$7,500 upwards monthly.

Software Engineer Lead 

As leaders of software development teams, lead engineers command the highest base salaries. They are responsible for overseeing projects, making critical decisions, and ensuring the successful execution of software development initiatives. The average monthly salary for lead software engineers in Singapore roughly ranges from S$9,000 and upwards.

Principal Software Engineer

Principal Software Engineers are highly experienced professionals in the field of software development. In most organisations, a principal software engineer plays a key role in guiding and leading software developers, providing technical leadership, and making critical decisions to ensure the success of software projects. Principal software engineers approximately receive an average of S$12,000 per month and upwards. 

All of our estimated figures are sourced from Nodeflair, which may shift depending on the aforementioned factors.

Well-known Tech Companies and Salary Estimates for Software Engineers

Source: pressfoto on Freepik


Grab, a prominent tech company in Southeast Asia offers competitive salaries for software engineers. The compensation package takes into account the level of experience and expertise of the engineer. The base monthly pay for a software engineer working at Grab approximately ranges from S$2,542 for intern-level to S$12,628 for lead-level engineers. 


As a major player in the finance and technology sectors, DBS attracts top talent with competitive salaries for software engineers. The bank recognises the importance of cutting-edge technology in the financial industry. Software engineers working at DBS Bank start with an estimated monthly pay of S$1,466 for intern-level, up to around S$10,497 for lead-level engineers.


The food delivery giant, Foodpanda, values its tech team, offering attractive salaries to software engineers. The company's commitment to innovation is reflected in its compensation packages. According to our figures, software engineers working for Foodpanda may receive an approximate base salary starting from S$1,600 per month for interns, and upwards to S$22,500 per month for lead-level engineers. 


Shopee, an e-commerce platform, is known for its dynamic work environment and competitive salaries. Software engineers at Shopee are rewarded for their contributions to the platform's technological advancements. At Shopee, intern engineers estimatedly receive S$2,305 monthly, and upwards to S$9,348 monthly for senior-level engineers. 


As a global tech giant, Google's Singapore office is no exception when it comes to offering substantial salaries to software engineers. Working at Google provides exposure to cutting-edge projects and a stimulating work culture. The salary estimate for an intern software engineer starts at $5,700 monthly, which goes upwards to S$18,250 per month for lead-level engineers. 

Meta (previously known as Facebook)

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is another tech giant with a significant presence in Singapore. Software engineers at Meta enjoy competitive salaries and the opportunity to work on innovative projects that impact millions of users. While Meta has no base salary listed for intern-level positions, a junior engineer is estimated to receive base pay of S$9,300 monthly, while lead engineers receive S$19,000 monthly.

Am I being paid enough as a Software Engineer?

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Ensure Your Competencies Level

Regularly assess your skill set and ensure that it aligns with the software engineering field standards. Keep abreast of the latest technologies, education, programming languages, and methodologies to remain competitive in the job title and market. 

Industry Research

Conduct thorough research on current industry salary benchmarks. Understand the average salaries for your experience level and skill set to gauge whether your compensation is in line with market expectations. 

Level Up Your Skills 

Invest time in continuous learning and skill development. Enhancing your technical skills, staying updated on industry trends, and obtaining relevant certifications can contribute to justifying higher salaries. One way to stay abreast and updated with software engineering skills is to attend our coding bootcamp, where we help you build your portfolio showcasing your very own web development projects.


Source: Freepik

Navigating the landscape of software engineer salaries in Singapore requires a strategic approach. By understanding the base salaries at different experience levels, exploring compensation packages from well-known tech companies, and actively assessing and enhancing your skills, you can ensure that you are being appropriately rewarded for your contributions. 

As Singapore's tech industry continues to flourish, staying informed about salary trends and maintaining a commitment to professional growth will position you for success in this dynamic field.

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